Jared Petty is a writer. His work includes commissioned articles for IGN, 1UP, Gamespy, and other entertainment media outlets. His face measures 16 x 16 pixels. 

Published Works:

"How to Survive a Real Life The Last of Us." IGN, 2013.
"Defiance Episode Guide." IGN, 2013.
"Defiance Guide." IGN, 2013.
"Terraria Guide." IGN, 2013.
"Need for Speed: Most Wanted iOS Guide." IGN, 2013.
"Planetside 2 Guide." IGN, 2012.
"Black Friday and Cyber Monday Guide." IGN, 2012.

"Need for Speed: Most Wanted Guide." IGN, 2012.
"XCOM: Enemy Unknown Guide." IGN, 2012.
"Torchlight 2 Guide." IGN, 2012.
"A Conversation with Robert Woodhead." Hardcore Gaming 101, 2012.
"Mafia Wars 2 Review.” GameSpy, 2011.
"Dungeon Siege 3 SuperGuide." 1UP MyCheats, 2011.
"The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings SuperGuide.", 1UP MyCheats, 2011.
"Cityville SuperGuide." 1UP MyCheats, 2010.
"Farmville SuperGuide." 1UP MyCheats, 2010 .
"Mafia Wars SuperGuide." 1UP MyCheats, 2010.
"Frontierville Superguide." 1UP MyCheats, 2010.
"Civilization V SuperGuide." 1UP MyCheats, 2010.
"Bargain Basement Gaming." Japanzine, September 2009 issue.
"Insert Coin to Continue." Japanzine, September 2009 issue.
"8 Bit Cafe: Blippy Cool in Tokyo." Japanzine, July 2009 issue.

Special Assignments:

E3 2012 IGN Community Guest Blogger

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