contestantsContestants Are You Ready is the silly game show where having the right answer is less important than having a good laugh.

We've rounded up a couple of crowd-pleasing guests for our inaugural episode. Naomi Kyle hosts the IGN Daily Fix, acts in short films, and was reportedly born in the mythical land of Canada. Her opponent is Vince Ingeneto, IGN editor and pontificator supreme. These two do battle whilst the hapless host, IGN's Jared Petty, attempts to maintain a sense of disorder and indignity.

Play along at home every week as we tackle tricky trivia and engage in the ever popular "GO FOR IT!" bonus rounds, where having the most amusing answer trumps trumps factual correctness. Enjoy our far-too-literal Lightning Round. And write in with suggested questions, feedback, and nice comments about us!

Contestants Are You Ready is a proud member of the Jimmy and Eden Podcast Network,

Your Cast

Jared Petty is a Japanese school teacher/IT Guy/college professor/clergyman/network administrator who made the logical transition to professional video game writer. He's an Associate Editor at IGN. He grew up wanting to be Bob Barker, but failed.

Naomi Kyle is an actress, host and writer. In addition to her IGN production responsibilities, she runs her own Youtube channel, appears in films, and makes professional appearances at events nationwide.

Vince Ingenito is an accomplished games writer and Associate Editor for IGN. When he's not critiquing level design and answering quiz questions, he's managing a two-cat household alongside his girlfriend.