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I'm Jared, and I tell people why the art form of gaming is wonderful. Right now I'm telling that story as a Google Copywriter working with the Stadia team. I also deliver this message as a public speaker, through hosting the Top 100 Games Podcast, and via the medium of narrated video storytelling. I enjoy the opportunity to talk about games as a guest host, moderator, and panelist at live events like E3, Crunchyroll Expo, and PAX West. 

I've served in media, publishing, and entertainment roles in the games industry. Prior to joining Google, I provided vendor copywriting services to Google as an employee of Free Association. I've also been a Social Content Editor and Copywriter at Electronic Arts, contributing to marketing for EA Star Wars, Titanfall 2, and Fe. Prior to my time in publishing, I was Senior Editor at IGN Entertainment, the world's most prominent outlet for games coverage. I've also worked as a host at Kinda Funny Games and as producer of several podcasts and a video essay series.

I've been blessed with a diverse professional path, working as a copywriter, copy lead, editor,  producer, writer, social media specialist, freelancer, on-camera talent, educator, network engineer, school teacher, and more. Two things have remained constant: my love of highlighting games as a new form of creative expression and my love of telling a good story that conveys a sense of wonder. I'm constantly finding new ways to weave those ambitions together.  


I enjoy talking about games whenever I can and I'm happy to discuss hosting and speaking at events you're planning. In 2018 I hosted panels at PAX West on Superman and Red Dead Redemption, a panel at Crunchyroll Expo with Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii, and two E3 on-stage livestreams for GameSpot and Facebook Gaming. In 2019 I contributed to PAX West panels with IGN, Kinda Funny, and What's Good Games. If you'd like to contact me about being part of an event, please reach out at

I adore talk shows and podcasts and in addition to producing my own programs I've made guest appearances on IGN's Beyond, Game Scoop, and NVC shows, The Comedy Button, What's Good Games, Retronauts,  Jeff Cannata's DLC, Girls on Games, and more. I'm always open to talking with you about visiting your podcast or show... please contact me at

If you're looking for a helping hand at writing and editing, or for other business inquiries, contact me at You can also learn more about the things I create and how they're supported at  

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